Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mcdonalds -Transparent LED display

POLYTRONGLASS is the inventor and manufacturer of the world’s leading transparent LED displays, known as the “X-Glass” product series.
POLYTRONGLASS strives to continue on extending its specialty and innovation in the research and development, production and sales of transparent LED displays. The current “X-Glass” product models include the XT, XW, XR, XD and XN series, which are designed for a wide range of applications such as storefront window displays, restaurant chains, shopping malls, airports, museums, financial institutions, trade shows, events, festivals, stage production, media architecture and many other areas. With pixel pitch ranges from 5mm to 31.25mm and brightness from 6000nit to 7500nit, “X-Glass” products are by far the clearest and brightest display in the world. Our clients include brands like ZARA, Land Rover, Lamborghini, Chow Sang Sang, WINLUN Bank, BlueShore Financial and etc.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

PolyVision ™ Glass


Polyvision ™ Privacy Glass LED был создан и разработан Polytronix, Inc., Ричардсон из Техаса, США. Являясь ведущим брендом в переключаемого стекла, который также известен как "смарт-стекла," Polytronix, Inc. имеет более чем 20-летний опыт работы в области исследований и разработок для Polyvision ™ Privacy Glass LED, и отмечается большой успех в применении тысячи проектов в более чем 68 стран на протяжении многих лет. Благодаря LED Polyvision ™ Privacy Glass, вы будете видеть вещи в новом свете! При щелчке выключателя, продукты Polyvision ™ становятся прозрачными из бездействующего, непрозрачного белого состояния. LED Polyvision ™ 


Polyvision™ Privacy LED Glass was created and developed by Polytronix, Inc., from Richardson Texas, USA. As a leading brand in switchable glass, which also known as “smart glass,” Polytronix, Inc. has more than 20 years of experience in research and development for the Polyvision™ Privacy LED Glass, and celebrated much success in applying thousands of projects in more than 68 countries over the years. Through Polyvision™ Privacy LED Glass, you will see things in a whole new light!  At the flick of a switch, Polyvision™ products become transparent from a dormant, opaque-white state. Polyvision™ LED Glass, provides creative design solutions for architects and other innovative users.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

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Transparent LED Screen Glass continues to gain popularity within the world market and we are ready to provide a wide array of choices. The current product model includes the XT, XW, XR, XD and XN series which can be used in many business spheres. You can see Polytron Glass LED screens on many buildings and mostly they are being used for advertising. Many clients buy light-emitting diode screen for many important events and advertising campaigns.
Thanks to these advanced technology products every visitor, passer-by or an ordinary street walker would be able to see the announcement from an advertiser. The pixel pitch varies from 5 to 30 mm and brightness level can reach 7000 nit level. Polytron Glass LED screens are the brightest and best displays in its price bracket. Most popular brands use our products and among them are Lamborghini, BlueShore Financial and so on. And now let’s speak about the main advantages of LED Glass.
What is the main difference between Large Format Displays and LED alternative? Out products are being used by professionals and customers which are not familiar with display technologies. One can distinguish various advantages like specific video solutions. LED screens require less space for installation because they are not so thick (under 8 cm). Let’s pay attention to the main advantages list:
  • Incredible transparency. The transparency level is higher than 80%. The resolution level is so huge that you can’t recognize a pixel if you are standing from five meters or more.
  • Easy Setup. Just plug the screen and reproduce promo video. Quick and easy installation does not require special skills.
  • Light load. If we compare the weight of our products with other LFD variants, we’ll see that LED screen Glasses are two times lighter.
  • High brightness level. We have already discussed that matter – the screens can be recognized under direct sunlight from a country mile.
  • Energy efficient. The level of electric power consumption is feeble.
  • Easy to update and maintain. Screen life expectancy is higher than one hundred thousand hours and one can always replace LED strips. They are easily stripped without the need of replacing the whole panel.
The greatest advantage of the product lies in its total flexibility, sizing and shaping - the only limit is the resolution. The usage of advanced technologies is the reason why LED display can produce an astonishing palette of colors. If you decide to use these wonderful LED Screen Glasses you will be fully satisfied!

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